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GreenScapes is a fast and easy Landscape Design Program

Create Landscape Designs in a matter of minutes. Designs that are photo realistic renderings as if the landscape and hardscape project is completed.

GreenScapes takes landscape ideas from your imagination and brings them to life quickly. Giving you a edge over the competition.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Photo Realistic!





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Blue prints and sketches aren't enough when asking clients to visualize what the final project will look like. GreenScapes is faster and more realistic than 3D software.

GreenScapes is a program that allows landscape contractors to design landscaping, interlocking pavers, lawns, hardscape, pools, even night lighting creating a photo realistic rendering depicting the proposed landscape project as if it were completed.

GreenScapes is a surefire way close the deal sooner!

Did you design with DesignWare?

DesignWare is retired, GreenScapes takes it place

Do use a Mac? CrossOver is Included! *New Purchases.

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