Landscape Design might also consist of changing the look of the outside of a house by adding a stone veneer texture.

This tutorial will go into deep details on adding Stone Veneer to an image with GreenScapes landscape design software.  There are many advanced tricks and tips for you throughout the tutorial on using Perspective. Keep in mind this works for any texture, like when trying to cover over large over grown landscape in the front of the home. Stone Veneer is also great for resurfacing old fireplaces, concrete walls, even fire pits.
Do you install Stone Veneer and have a hard time showing clients what it would look like?
GreenScapes is also a Stone Veneer design program which creates photo realistic rendering of the proposed Stone Veneer that will impress potential clients using a photo of their own home.

Here you will learn:
1. Define an area.
2. Cut out an area.
3. Add Stone Veneer.
4. Add Perspective.
5. Make Shadows.
6. Group Textures.

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The main 'Guts' of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy. The 'GreenScapes' software makes things simple, fast and efficient.

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Landscape Design Software GreenScapes - Photo Realistic Imaging Program for Landscape and Paver installers.

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