Landscape Design starts with opening an image of your clients area to be landscaped.

Landscape design is simple with imaging.Landscape design software GreenScapes is simple because it all starts with taking a picture of the area you need to landscape or install interlocking pavers. Anyone can take a picture, you don't need a high tech camera. The new cell phones today do just fine and have the ability to connect to your computer though a USB Cord.

Save the file to the hard drive of your computer because a phone or camera will not have the space or power you will need to work on the image.

GreenScapes allows you to open this image. This image is usually a photograph that you are going to be working on in order to make a visual presentation of your design concept. To do this:

Open image icon in GreenScapes.Click FILE / OPEN (ctrl O on your keyboard) or the Open icon on top menu bar:
This brings up the open box. Navigate to the folder the image you want to open is saved. Change the files of type to ALL, choose the file you want to open, and click OPEN.**

** You may wish to change the view from list to thumbnails, in thumbnail view you can just double click a photo to make it open.
Print Open a New Background Image.

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Save an imageDefining an area when designing landscape with GreenScapes.

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The main 'Guts' of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy. The 'GreenScapes' software makes things simple, fast and efficient.

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