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Landscape Design Software GreenScapes Testimonials.

Don't just take it from us, let our landscape design software customers do the talking on GreenScapes!

Did you use DesignWare from Design Imaging Group? Read how, other DesignWare users love GreenScapes landscape design software.

View many landscape designs created in GreenScapes by clicking on an image to see a larger view. Also check out our landscape design videos.

I love this software especially since I’ve learned to make my own Library Objects.Landscape designers at Brightview use GreenScapes landscape design software. My customers are usually impressed when they can see a rendition of what the project will look like.
Doug Williams, Account Manager at Brightview.

As a long time user of DesignWare from Design Imaging Group, I am so happy to have now found GreenScapes. It has allowed m e to continue providing my clients with the landscape image quality they have come to expect, without my having to totally relearn a new application. GreenScapes also provided me a platform to import my own libraries, which I have developed and refined over the years. Your customer support has been fantastic too. Thanks for continuing to refine and enhance the software. It is great to once again have a fully functioning and supported landscape design software package. Cathleen Ozmore - Designscapes, Inc - VA

HV Designs recommends GreenScapes Landscape Design Software."I had used other computer-aided design softwares before and nothing really compares with Greenscapes photo imaging. With GreenScapes, customer service begins even prior to purchasing the software. I have exchanged calls with Michele and Garry owners of GreenScapes landscape design software who now still continuously been providing me some advises and tips. The training movies on-line on GreenScapes website have given me a lot of insights and I have learned a lot of photo imaging rendition techniques to close deals.
Greenscapes photo imaging software gives you the ability to create and design through a whole lot of object items from the object library folder that can let you fully render your customers needs and visual ideas into a professionally landscaped and hardscaped image that looks real. I highly recommend GreenScapes. Each of your rendered designs can definitely provide you with amazing results that will turn a garden of your client's dreams to become a reality."
Thanks, Hector Valentin - HVDesigns Landscaping & Construction - Designer/Estimator

Northfields Gardens uses GreenScapes to design landscaping.

Chesterland Nursery in OH uses GreenScapes!

Videos like this can be created in YouTube!


I have been using the GreenScapes program to show landscaping and hardscaping and just wanted to give you an update. Since we live in Buffalo, NY we pretty much just started getting to work. In the past week I have bid on 6 jobs and used the GreenScapes Landscape Design Software each time. The customers were blown away with the ability of looking at their properties as if the landscaping were installed and needless to say we got all 6 landscaping projects. 2 of them were over $10,000.
GreenScapes Landscape Design Software is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. So very reasonable priced, and I rate this a 10 for ease of use of a professional outdoor design program. Thank you again. Jonathan Broughman Landscaping, NY

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Hello Michele,
I started with DesignWare nearly 20 years ago. What impressed me at the time was that we had the ability to have a final professional rendering for my clients and there was the opportunity to create my own library.
With the purchase in 2015 of "GreenScapes" your new revamped version and higher resolution libraries, it allowed me to deliver very professional projects. This software also allowed me to create a climate of confidence for my clients.

Marcel, Eze-Design, Canada
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KeenKut Landscaping offers free Landscape Designs on his website check it out!!!

Promoting Landscape Design using GreenScapes on your website is easy: Get a FREE COMPUTER IMAGE of your home!
KeenKut Landscaping can show you how beautiful your home will look with pavers, retaining walls, and landscaping installed -- all in place before we even go to work. It’s FREE! Just send us an e-mail with a picture of your home.
We proudly serve the Pioneer Valley and nearby surrounding areas in Massachusetts and Connecticut.


#Photo #Imaging promoted by New York Landscaper.

Posted by Landscape Design Imaging Software on Thursday, July 14, 2016

I have looked at many other landscape design software's on the market and none of them compare. The customer service for GreenScapes Landscape Design Software is top notch and the amount of plants and objects in the database is staggering. When I decided to call and get more information it was a Sunday at 7:30pm and Michele answered the phone and spent almost an hour on the phone with me telling me about the software. Michele also will take the time and go over things with you if you are having issues. She spent an hour with me remote accessing my computer to help me better understand the clone tool. I had pretty closely mastered everything but that tool. GreenScapes is a very intuitive and easy program to use with a great team behind it. We have landed a $15,000 jobB-N-R Landscaping highly recommends GreenScapes. and we are working on a $60,000 job because of this program.
I highly recommend GreenScapes.
Kyle Bell, B-N-R Landscaping, Inc, N.Y.

#Landscape #computer #designs by Peter Anthony of South Setauket, NY can show you what your property will look like...

Posted by Landscape Design Imaging Software on Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dear Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc.:
I would like to thank you for this unique professional software. I am really satisfied with this landscape software and the after sale service. You are astonishing me with the speed to reply my questions....just to tell you that i got the above project because my client loved the drawings...
Thank you Alexander Saad La vie en vert in Beirut, Lebanon (click on image to see larger view)

GreenScapes Landscape Design tesimonial.

I enjoy using the GreenScapes program as it helps many of my customers visualize their landscaping. Especially those whom have a hard time visualizing what the different plants really look like. I'm sure you hear this comment all the time. Again, thank you. Lang Landscape Service, Inc. NH
Respectfully, Andy

Landscaper in Rochester New York likes GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.I guess I am considered a throwback. I still hand draft, the way I was originally trained. I have slowly however, come to embrace the GreenScapes Landscape Design Software imaging tools on occasion for rendering purposes, and realize the usefulness of another approach.
Here is a current proposal...(click on the image)

Firlit Landscape Design
Steve Firlit
Greenscapes Design Software is one of our most useful and successful design tools. It's easy to use and has a great imagery. When showing to our clients the design we came up with when using this program, 99% of the time, it's a go.
Thank you Michele and GreenScapes
Andrew Rubin | Landscapes by Andrew Rubin

Landscape design by GScaping using GreenScapesI really like the software because it's very easy to use and every time I have a questions the turorial videos are always available to  answer all my questions.
Good luck,
GScaping Landscape Services
Jose Garcia
Landscaper Austin, TX.

GreenScapes landscape design software increased my business

Hi Michele,
I've been using landscape imaging software for over 20 years and Greenscapes is the best imaging software I've ever used. Its easy to use and the libraries have nothing but quality images. Greenscapes has helped me increase my business by selling more projects and has helped me to do design projects for landscape architects.
Frank D. Parisi | Parisi Landscaping

GreenScapes landscape design software increased my business

R and W Landscaping in Baltimore Maryland love GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.Hi Michele Good afternoon,
I have been using GreenScapes Landscape Design Software throughout this season and it has already paid for itself many times over. I always liked the previous software DesignWare by Design Imaging Group but GreenScapes Landscape Design Software version is a lot better. Thanks again. Best...Barry - R&W Landscaping - Baltimore, MD

Designed in GreenScapes by R and W Landscaping
GreenScapes has already paid for itself with this landscape design
GreenScapes landscape design software is better than DesignWare.

A long time user of the DesignWare product.Landscape Design Software GreenScapes We recently purchased GreenScapes. I was able to put together four layouts on the first day. Very easy to use. The graphics and texture libraries blow away the older DesignWare product. Great Work.
VisionScapes Land Design, Inc.

Hello Greetings, I am more than pleased to make this review as we are a company fully dedicated to the development and maintenance of landscapes in Puerto Rico we use Greenscapes landscape design software as the main tool for the development of landscape designs, this has been one of the best options we found market, the options of your library is very complete Landscape Design Software Puerto Ricoand achieves a very impressive level of realism, thus greatly we recommend.
Luis Perez, First Impression Landscaping, Puerto Rico

Michigan landscape contractor loves GreenScapes landscape design software.We've used imaging for over 10 years now & our customers love it!  Our sales percentages are higher & clients have a much better idea of what the finished product will look like.  I had been using DesignWare for many years, and now have GreenScapes.  I like having specific manufacturer's paving products - a definite improvement over DesignWare.  I can't imagine going back to 'just a drawing' for our clients. GreenScapes gives us a definite edge over the competition it's easy to learn.  Thanks for this software!
Peg B Creative Landscaping Inc. Serving Southwest Michigan since 1976 VIEW MY LANDSCAPE DESIGNS WITH GREENSCAPES.

We have had the Landscape Design Program GreenScapes for 4 days and we have our first landscape design looking good-we are so happy to have gotten this software! Thank you so much for all of the help!
Mary Miller Hardscape Designer in NE

The new GreenScapes Landscape Design Software works great. It has better features than any other imaging I have used. The videos make it easy to learn. Check out one of my very first images. Click the picture to get a larger view.
Thanks again, Barb from GardenScapes in WI Wisconsin Landscapers use GreenScapes to design.

Here at The Terre Company of NJ we are awarded so many more jobs with a visual rendering like this one we did recently using GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software.
It is so user friendly and a pleasure to work with.
Steve Addeo The Terre Company

Mark Beitler uses GreenScapes- it's fast, has a large library and a short learning curve.I use GreenScapes- it's fast, has a large library and a short learning curve.
I promote my GreenScapes Program directly on my website. Land Art Mark Beitler loves GreenScapes.Designing and planning a new landscaping project is now easy. That's why we are now offering the service!

Thank you,
Mark Beitler
White Lake MI


I just want to say Greenscapes landscape design program has been a very good tool in securing landscape jobs for me. Customers cannot visualize want you want to do with their yard. Greenscapes allows me the ability to show what their yard would look like, without them having to guess what it will look like once we are done.
I highly recommend GreenScapes Landscape Design Software. Sincerely, Jeffrey J. Volk - The Garden Keeper - CA

The Garden Keeper in California uses GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.

I have been more than thrilled with the Greenscapes software!  It is so intuitive!  And whenever I can't do something, I click on Training and watch the tutorial for that particular operation and I'm off and running again.  Michele has been so helpful!  I never sense that I am bothering her with all my questions but rather feel that she is right here in the boat with me, trying her best to help me be successful at this.  My husband is a landscaper, and I am a legal secretary in a large law firm. But I love plants and on weekends I love to design landscapes.  With this new tool, every person I do a design for is saying yes.  It is so TRUE – the minute they can SEE it, they WANT it.  This software is FABUOLOUS.  Absolutely FABULOUS. Flexible, robust, comprehensive, intuitive, well-crafted and well-thought out.  For my purposes, I can't imagine there's anything any better on the market than this.
Moira French, Jerry French Landscaping, Marietta, Georgia.

Hedge Fun Gardens uses GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.I love Greenscapes! It is amazing how real it really makes things. I am excited to show it to my clients. They will be so excited! Thanks for all your help.
Sincerely, Melinda Jones UT
Landscape Designer

Dumfires Nursery, VA Designs using GreenScapes!

Michele, Our competitor was less than 1/3 our price and we sold the job. I worked with the building owner to understand her needs. Through GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software she was able to see the final project before we started. They say a picture’s worth a million words. I’m not sure how much a picture is really worth but on the first project it was worth $43,000. The first project we used GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software it enabled me to sell a $60,000 job when our competitor was at $17,000, GreenScapes software makes closing deals easy. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, thanks for all your help.

Les Lightfoot small picThank You,

Lightfoot Enterprises Landscaping testimonailLightfoot Enterprises, Inc.
Les Lightfoot President


LinkedIn comment on Garden Light LED Post Aug 21,2015 your software works very well, is really easy to use, & your customer service has always been spot on. Thanks for helping us close more deals at higher prices than our competition.

Hi Stephanie and Michele, I have set up my new software and I wanted to let you know how much that I like it. It is greatly improved over the DesignWare Program from Design Imaging Group that I had. It is much more organized and easier to use. The installation was fairly easy and the tutorial videos are truly amazing not just in content but how easy that they are to invoke. I learned some new tricks from the videos. The libraries and pavers are very impressive. Its almost perfect. I have been using Designware software since it first came out back in the 90’s and I am glad to see that its still around and being improved. It’s a great tool for any landscape designer.I can literally create a design in 20 minutes and email it to the customer.

Thank you so much for keeping it alive.


Monarch Country Club Palm City Florida.As a Home Owners Association GreenScapes has taken the boards vision and made it easy for us to have landscapers give us bids. GreenScapes is easy to use with a low learning curve and I am not a professional landscaper. I give GreenScapes a 10. Thank you again, Howard Darish - Monarch Country Club - Palm City, Florida 34990

Felice Giulioani Hardscape Landscape loves GreenScapes for the interlocking paving textures.Michele, Your program GreenScapes and your customer service are both excellent. As you keep adding new objects it only gets better.

Renee Delahunty Jensen Beach Florida

Your program actually helps get me every job I go for since the customer could actually see what their house would look like completed. It is an invaluable tool. Best, Mindi - Mindi Arcoleo Landscape

Dear Michele,
Recently I purchased the Greenscapes Design Imaging Program, to replace my old imaging program. I was using the DesignWare program from Design Imaging Group since before 1999. I have found that the Greenscapes version has very useful improvements over my old DesignWare. Most importantly the functions of the new program operate very similarly to the old versions, with a number of improvements, which aren't hard to learn. I even have another photo imaging program with a landscape plan design and estimate program but have continued using Greenscapes Landscape Design Software due to it's superiority over that program's module. The extensive new resolution libraries are quite impressive, especially the vast hardscaping texture options for pavers and more.
I find GreenScapes Landscape Design Software to be a invaluable tool in selling landscape packages to clients. It simplifies presentations of my concepts and thus saves much time selling the job. Often I have found that once the client sees the image or images I've produced for their project, they lose interest in the plan and focus on the photo realistic pictures instead. Occasionally I will dispense with the plan altogether and just produce landscape images for my client's consideration. This is an obvious time saver as well, not a small factor in my busy schedule.
You have probably figured out that I am very pleased with Greenscapes Landscape Design Software, and am looking forward to utilizing it in many projects. Finally, I am even more impressed with the friendly, prompt, technical help you have given me in implementing my new program.
Thanks again. Sincerely, Dana "Sandy" Miller, RLA Sellersville, PA 18960

Luv the GreenScapes Landscape Design program. I'm familiar with the older version DesignWare from Design Imaging Group. I like all the new features and it's so easy to use. Thank you again,
Greg Ent - Hunterdon County Engineering - Flemington, NJ

Dan Eginton from Scenic Enviroments  feels it is easy to sell landscaping with GreenScapes Landscape Design Software. GreenScapes Landscape Design Software has made it much easier to sell landscaping. I'm also helping other landscape companies to design their work. So, I'm making money on the GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software I purchased as well as increasing volume on my own landscape jobs. Sometimes I'll design it right in front of the customer which really impresses them.....

Scenic Enviroments gives feedback on GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.
Great Software!
Thank you! Dan Eginton Atlanta, GA

I have installed GreenScapes and everything is operating successfully. The software is much more beautiful than the old DesignWare that I use for about 20 years. Yours Sincerely - Alfredo from Italy.

Hi Michele,
Thank you again for helping me as I just went through the steps you outlined and the program is now officially Registered. I sincerely recommend you and your firm as you were especially great in delivering, explaining and guiding me through the essentials of the program.  The main Guts of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy.  The ‘GreenScapes’ software makes things simple, fast and fun.  I compare it to the learning process I went through with the new Smart Phones when they came out.  All that is needed after the tutorial, is to explore and things link up so easily because your program respects keeping things simple.

Again, we appreciate all that you and your firm have done.  I am ready to face a new season with a great new Landscape Design tool "GreenScapes" that will help people visualize quicker and come to a buying decision faster. Have a great day Michele and will be in touch.
Sincerely, Rick Grant Landscape Design Director
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Michele, Thanks for checking in, The Landscape Imaging Design Software works fine. You were right, knowing DesignWare I was able to just click and go. Best Regards, Margaret Landscape Designer

I have to tell you I have been using an imaging program (former program DesignWare) for at least 15 years. It has taken away the guess work for my clients in what they are getting. With a render drawing they never understand what I was trying to create for them. I am so happy with GreenScapes. With GreenScapes I never have a customer surprised. The GreenScapes program allows my clients to see what they get, it's that simple. With drawings I had many conflicts with the client not understanding what I was trying to achieve. Often the customer is left in the dark with many unexpected surprises. GreenScapes makes my job so much easier working with the client. I usually take the clients ideas and implement them in GreenScapes. Then I go back to review with them and show them the results of a design and make the necessary changes if need be. I have been designing all my life and have awards in both the Boston and RI Flower Shows. I will continue to use GreenScapes program because it is a great time saver compared to other methods. Edits are so easy you never have to start from the beginning as with scale drawings. I can't say enough great things about the GreenScapes program. Thanks so much for all your help with updates. You're always a great help to me.
Denis R. PA Lawn and Landscape Contractor

We just purchased and use GreenScapes. Absolutely love it. It is super easy to use, we had tried using other landscape and pool design products previously, but they're difficult to use without spending a lot of time and training, and to our customer's weren't realistic enough. With GreenScapes Landscape Design you take a picture of the customer's house, be it the backyard, front yard, etc & there are libraries with lots of products you insert into the picture and create masterpieces with the customer's actual yard/house. The price of $500.00 was great, there are tutorial videos specific to the different functions if you need help, or you can call the support staff. We are a Pool Installation company and find it very helpful and easy to use, especially for the great price & the customer's love how realistic it is and being able to use an ACTUAL picture of their yard. GreenScapes is Definitely recommend as a 10. Wonderful product by Landscape Design Imaging Software.
Justina Richardet American Swimming Pools MO. 9/1/2013


Did you use DesignWare from Design Imaging Group? GreenScapes works just like DesignWare but better and includes much higher resolution libraries.
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