Online Hardscape Visualizer Demo - Give your clients the opportunity to upload a photo of their own home and turn your website into a lead generating machine.

Potential clients visit your site everyday now give them a reason to leave their information, upload a picture of their home and begin to layout the project for you.

Bonus 1 - To use the Online Visualizer the potential client must give a correct email which is forward to you via email and also stored in your own personal Mail Chimp Account. (We will explain later the benefits)
Bonus 2 - To use the Online Visualizer the potential client must upload a picture of the area to be designed.
Bonus 3 - They will only have the ability to design with textures like pavers, grass, mulch, stone decorative concrete. NOT plants, trees, fire pits, furniture.
Bonus 4 - You also have the ability to take the image the homeowner was working on and bring it into your personal GreenScapes program and enhance it with Plants, Flowers, Trees, Brushes and other Hardscapes like Fire pits, BBQ's, Rocks, Outdoor Furniture, Pools, Fences, Lights and more. Even show what the project would look like at night.

The Online Hardscape Visualizer is an online imaging program that enables home owners to upload a photo of their own home or  project.  Then easily define the surface area they would like to see Hardscape products applied to, and quickly apply the pattern and color to that image.

The Online Hardscape Visualizer is both simple-to-use and a powerful sales tool - lead generator for Contractor and dealers    In addition, it can be modified to match your company's website look and feel, and all your products can be added to the interface all at once or over time. This flexibility enables you to add new products, or remove discontinued products within hours.

HOW DOES LEAD GENERATOR WORK? Watch the video below.

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The main 'Guts' of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy. The 'GreenScapes' software makes things simple, fast and efficient.

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Landscape Design Software GreenScapes - Photo Realistic Imaging Program for Landscape and Paver installers.

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