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Night Lighting included with GreenScapes

When you purchase GreenScapes we include Night Lighting at No charge.Night Lighting gives the landscape contractor the ability to show show clients fabulous outdoor lighting designs as if it were evening.

Night Lighting is included FREE with your purchase of GreenScapes. Create lighting effects as if it were evening, light up walkways driveways, accent lighting for trees to offer the Wow potential clients can't say no to!

Visualizing Night Lighting from a CAD drawing does not have the Wow that GreenScapes Night Lighting can produce from an actual picture of your clients home or business. It may make a difference of the initial landscape design being signed off that day. The homeowners excitement of seeing what their yard could look like at night might be just what closes the landscape deal.

GreenScapes Night Lighting is the finishing touch for a high quality landscape presentation and it is included FREE with your purchase of GreenScapes a $200.00 Value.

GreenScapes landscape design software includes night lighting design too.

Lighting Fixtures are placed on the image in GreenScapes. Now open your image with fixtures in GreenScapes Night Lighting and apply a shade of darkness and the landscape lighting effects as if the outdoor landscape lighting were already installed. Now your client can visualize their home or business as if it were evening. You have the ability to show all types of landscape lighting, swimming pool lighting, paver patio lighting, walkway lighting even commercial lighting.