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Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. the team!

The people behind Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. have been in the landscape design software industry for over 30 years. Over time, as computers evolved so did the landscape industry. We at Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. know that landscapers are faced with intense competition when bidding on projects, and effectively presenting your vision is essential. Being able to present a clear visual of your clients home or building, with all the landscaping and hardscape as if it were already installed will separate you from the rest.  This is the reason we created the easy to use, time & cost effective program, GreenScapes Landscape Design Software for landscape contractors.

Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. The Team that makes it work for thousands of landscape contractors and hardscape contractors.

Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. Owner / Developer Michele Donnelly. Many of you may know Michele from the many years of being part of the sales team at Design Imaging Group. She headed up the Pool Division, selling DesignWare for Pools, Splash and Quote. She personally attended many of the landscape and pool shows to demonstrate the software programs and some of you probably met her yourself. She entered the landscape and pool industry as a partner in a company based out of Long Island, NY that built full backyard packages, from the pool to the landscaping, she has been involved in every aspect of the industry.

Michele Donnelly
Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc.
Phone: 772-647-8147

Developer, Partner, Video Creator, The best technical support person

Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. called upon the original programmer of Image Wizard, which preceded DesignWare and Design Imaging Group.  Learn more about Design Imaging Group retiring. A former landscaper himself, who helps customize GreenScapes for manufactures. From our simple training tutorials to our advanced Videos he is the best.

Landscape Design Software National Sales & Marketing Director Stephanie Donnelly

Every good company knows that the sales team needs to be knowledgeable, outgoing and believes in the product and the customers they sell to. If you have not spoked to Stephanie Donnelly yet, you will! She heads up our sales team and believes our sold customers are just as important as new customers. She uses her talents to not only promote our products but to also promote our customers on Social Marketing Sites. Check out some of her work on our Facebook Page and meet some of our customers.

Stephanie Donnelly
Phone: 772-647-8147
Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc.


A Very Special Thank You

A very special Thank You to a good friend and one of the best landscape designers on Long Island:
Jim Vazzana for your before and after images, advise, support, help and encouragement. 
Stay healthy and enjoy life, my friend.

And to all the manufacturers, nurseries, landscapers and pool contractors who contribute to our libraries and offer testimonials. We love our work because of you.


Did you use DesignWare from Design Imaging Group? GreenScapes works just like DesignWare but better and includes much higher resolution libraries.
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