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Photo imaging is a very simple easy way to show clients your vision of the landscape design for their project. The GreenScapes program is easy to learn. We ask you to watch all the training tutorials included with GreenScapes and you can also find them on the site by clicking here. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions too. If you still can not find your answer use the Support Ticket when needed.

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Where and How to Save Files. (Getting Started)

How to save files when using GreenScapes landscape design software.I want to bring up a topics that seems to cause a lot of headaches.
1. Where did I save my file to?
2. The background image is so big I have to zoom in.
3. I re-opened GreenScapes, tried to work on my landscape design and I can’t edit.
4. I tried to bring down an object and the screen blanks out.

Think of your computer as a file cabinet. All of these issues relate basic computer skills and to how you start a landscape design in GreenScapes. Step by step I hope I explained how to get started and not have issues down the line. Click Here Printable

What is Edge Blend Width?
When using the Define Area tool you have applied a texture of some kind, pavers, grass,mulch - don't forget to apply an Edge Blend Width. Select the texture > right click > in the box for Edge Blend Width put a 2, 3, or 4 it will soften the edges and the mulch and grass will snuggle into each other as if it was there forever. Works the same for Pavers. Yes you can use it on objects too.....
Can I edit an Area after it has been defined?
Yes, like in the picture above (for edge blend width) if you wanted to show more mulch. Select the Area you want to edit > On the top tool bar go to Area > Edit Area > Here you will be able to add points, take away points and move points. You even have the ability to add another area with the same texture. Everything is always editable in your .LND file. This make GreenScapes very powerful when having to make edits.
How do I make retaining walls?
Retaining Walls can either be created by the define area tool or by using objects. If you build retaining walls take pictures before the landscape goes around it and send the images to us. I would be happy at No charge to cut them out and make high resolution objects for you. Now if you want to do them with the define area tool and perspective watch these two videos. They are bonus videos and not within the program.
Night Lighting Advanced
Night Lighting Advanced Technique Videos.
Night Lighting has training videos please be sure to watch them. We have a program just for Landscape Lighting Contractors called Landscape Lighting Software. GreenScapes Night Lighting is the same program so don't get confused by the different logos. Here you will be privy to advanced training techniques which are used by Landscape Lighting Contractors and can be used in GreenScapes Night Lighting program. Things like changing the levels of darkness, and getting a warmer color.
Why should I make custom plant library?
GreenScapes has thousands of plants you only will about hundred.Let's just talk plants: we have thousands of plants I am going to bet you use about 100 to 150 of them in your landscape designs. So why not choose your favorite ones export them and make a custom library. GreenScapes is totally customizable so take advantage of that feature. This document takes you step by step and shows you how to export. Be sure to watch the library movie too it clearly explains the process on making a new library within GreenScapes and adding your favorite plants or textures to it. This process can be repeated with any library.
How do I make custom Texture Library?
Making new Texture Libraries in previous versions to Window 8 is not an issue, But with Windows 8 and 10 the security settings are automatically set to block anything being written and saved under C:\Program Files(x86) So you cannot create Texture libraries unless you change this setting, (and it is NOT intuitive to change it.) So we have provided step by step instructions at this link. If you don’t feel comfortable making the changes, you can call us at 817-764-0413 x3 when you are at your computer and we will log in and do it for you. It takes about 2 min once we are logged in.
How do I make Steps in GreenScapes landscape design software?
Learn how to create steps in GreenScapes.
At Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. we take pride in great service and expertise at easy to learn training videos. Here you will learn making steps from scratch using GreenScapes is not difficult! Click the image above and learn more.

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