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Landscape Design Software Help! GreenScapes Answers!

Looking for answers on purchasing GreenScapes, installing and registering your new landscape design software, or tips on designing landscape and hardscapes?

Most answers can be found here. At Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. it is Easy to Ask and Easy to get Answers by using our Support Ticket. Always looking forward to working with you.

At Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. we know that Landscape Contractors may not be computer savvy, so we took the time to create lots of training videos please watch them before contacting support.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10
4 GB of Random-access memory RAM (minimum) the more Ram the faster your computer will be (better) and you will be able to multi-task.
10 GB free hard drive (minimum)- this is what the program takes up.
Sound card and speakers
High color video card set to a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
**A good mouse and pad or Graphic Tablet (even on a laptop)

YES! Windows applications run beautifully on the Mac. There are 2 Options.

Option 1: GreenScapes on the Mac with The New CROSSOVER Client tested!
Crossover is a Mac application that allows you to run Windows programs like Greenscapes and Night Lighting on the Mac without having to install Windows and paying for a license fee or Create a Virtual Machine on your Mac.
It is by far the simplest way to run a windows Applications on the Mac we have found and WE WILL INCLUDE IT FREE (for a limited time) with your Purchase of Greenscapes as a Bonus to you. A $59.95 value. Just Download the trial of Crossover, a link will be supplied and enter the activation on your invoice. Once registered. Install GreenScapes as per the instructions sent for Mac Crossover users.

Option 2: Other options are to have Windows emulation (installed or running on your Mac, this can be a bit expense)
If you need a flexible, full-fledged Windows installation, you still have several options. You could use Apple's own Boot Camp, which lets you install Windows on a separate partition of your hard drive. Or you could install one of three third-party virtualization programs: Parallels Desktop 7, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox, each of which lets you run Windows (or another operating system) as if it were just another OS X application.

YES! Windows based Tablets. (Not the RT version) - Must have the Windows Operating system. Convenient compatibility Windows Tablets are thinner, faster, and lighter than before and works great with the software and devices you already have. Easily connect your phone, camera, and printer, or use programs like our photo imaging, Quicken, TurboTax, and more.
Con: Are you sure you want to design on such a small screen?

For Apple iPads users: OPTION ONE: A virtualization with remote access setup is your best choice (Remote Desktop). It's in the (itunes) app store FREE. READ THIS! It lets you work with whatever programs you have on your Windows computer directly on your ipad. Changes will be saved to your computer. Con: Must have an internet connection and it is slower than using GreenScapes direct.
OPTION 2: There is also TeamViewer which is also free for personal use, which lets you remote into your desktop. Con: Must have an internet connection and it is slower than using GreenScapes direct.

**Saving your final image as a .JPG and emailing or sending it to your iPad allows you to show the client!

GreenScapes is licensed for 2 computers. The licensed user also receives Free Support. What if I want it on a 3rd computer? No problem we just charge you a small fee for the registration.

Once every two years we deem reasonable for a new computer and will replace one the original licenses.

We consider that a 2nd User in the company! We at Landscape Design Software have taken this into consideration and discounted the additional user by 50%. Each additional user can put it on two computers. This also entitles this user to Free support. Please Call 772-647-8147 to add additional users.

The UAC block files from being written to your hard drive under program files. So it blocks the programs from registration. So you need to TURN IT OFF, then register the Program, you can turn it back on after that if you wish to.
The Links below will show you how to turn off the UAC.
How to turn off the User Account Control Windows 10 Video. | Printed Version
How to turn off the User Account Control Windows 8 Video. | Printed Version
How to turn off the User Account Control Windows 7 Video. | Printed Version
How to turn off the User Account Control Windows Vista Video. | Printed Version
________________________________________________________________ REGISTER INSTRUCTIONS FOR GREENSCAPES.

We at Landscape Design Software offer FREE Support. PLEASE:
1. Please be sure to watch all the training movies. In most cases you will find your answer within the videos.
2. Fill out a Support Ticket and we will get back to you ASAP.
Some questions can be answered immediately by a simple return email or video tutorial. It is best to be at your computer for support. Reserving a time guarantees I will be able to give you personal attention. Filling out the support ticket will give the support team a better understanding of the issue you need assistance with before getting on the phone together.

Yes, you can import you own images to the GreenScapes program. We even made an instruction movie in the software to show you how to do this. We also provide additional libraries as we acquire images via a Free Download Center

Use the define area tool just like you were putting in pavers. Go to the SECONDARY LIBRARY.

Go to FILE/PROGRAM DEFAULTS/SELECT: Printing covers entire page. Watch the training Movie on this and more.

We included 5 different Layer Tools in GreenScapes. The 2 on the tool bar are "Send to Front" and "Send to Back" and do just that send the object you have selected all the way to the back and bring it all the way to the front. From the Tools Menu you have "ONE Layer Up" and "ONE Layer Down." Also "Select by Name" is on the tool bar as well as the Tools Menu. Watch the Layer Training Video. Also the Select by Name Training Video.

If you experience your texture libraries in the Pattern Library command disappearing. Meaning they are nowhere to be found on the screen.
1. You need to reset the program presets by renaming the Greenscapes.exe and the INI file.
2. First close the program.
3. To rename the files go to the location of the EXE and INI file - C:\Program Files (x86) \GreenScapes \
4. There you will see Greenscape.exe (application) & Greenscape.ini (configuration settings) need to be renamed to: Greenscape1.exe & Greenscape1.ini by right clicking on the file and go to rename and just add a 1 to the end of the names.
5. Then open GreenScapes, open an image, and define an area and go to the Pattern Library menu and the library should be on the screen.


Did you use DesignWare from Design Imaging Group? GreenScapes works just like DesignWare but better and includes much higher resolution libraries.
DesignWare User Information!

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