DesignWare Retired by Design Imaging Group Leading Landscape Design Software Company.

DesignWare users who have been searching for a new landscape design program, search no more.

GreenScapes Landscape Design Software is a new program with a lot of history.

DesignWare from Design Imaging Group.DesignWare users can replace DesignWare with GreenScapes a new Landscape Design Imaging Software which allows DesignWare users not to have to learn a new program. GreenScapes also has the ability to import custom libraries created in DesignWare. GreenScapes has updated tools and libraries yet the same easy to use concept was kept that DesignWare possessed.

DesignWare press release:

DesignWare and Design Imaging Group.
Design Imaging Group the pioneers and a nationally recognized leader in landscape design imaging software "DesignWare". They worked for years with landscape designers, pool contractors and home builders to produce DesignWare. The last version DesignWare 3.3 for the professional landscape and DesignWare for pools 4 was used by schools, manufacturers of building products, and state associations. DesignWare was customized for the California Landscape Contractors Association called Better Than A Thousand Words.

GreenScapes is even better than DesignWare.

1. Support Support!! Most of you already know you can reach me in the very early morning, evenings and over the weekend. I won't say I am available 24/7 but close. Send an e-mail for an appointment and I or my partner will make our selves available when it is convenient for you.

2. Better Training Video's - GreenScapes contains about 60 video's which are part of your purchase. You will learn GreenScapes way before you watch all 60. Bonus: For the client who wants to know more, we have an Advanced Training Blog Check it out. These will go into tips, tricks and basic computer skills that will enhance using GreenScapes.

3. E-Mailing: Without even saving to a .jpg file you can e-mail your landscape design over to the client just by clicking the Send JPG E-mail button under file. DesignWare did not have this!

GreenScapes allow you to email your client the completed landscape image.

2. Higher resolution plants and better sorting. We won't say we are perfect but we reviewed DesignWare and removed old plants added lots of new higher resolution plants. We now have almost 5000 plants. We consider libraries for GreenScapes a work in progress. You can make your own libraries in GreenScapes or use the PRIVATE UPDATE PAGE where all manufacturer / contributor libraries will be for free. If you find you need something please call. I would be happy to see if I can find or make the library object for you.

3. DEFINE AN AREA Now the changes really begin.

Amazing choices of Patio Pavers takes your design to the next level with GreenScapes Landscape Design.

Unlike DesignWare, GreenScapes has Amazing choices of Patio Pavers takes your design to the next level of Landscape Design.

A. 7000+ textures | 32 Paving Manufacturers seamless textures.

B. The ability to sort by Product, Manufacturer, Pattern, or Color .

C. The Secondary Library is almost as extensive as the Paver library. Here is where you are going to find Grass and Mulch, Acid Stain, Decorative Concrete, Cultured Stone, Stone Veneer, Exposed Aggregate, Wood Flooring, Roofing, Siding, Water and more.

DesignWare had only a few textures for Paving.

D. Stamp it: You can now Stamp the interlocking pavers you put in the image with the name of the product. DesignWare never had Stamp it.

5. Registering GreenScapes: Is now automated: Click here

You will love GreenScapes, DesignWare user or not, discover how easy GreenScapes is to use, and reasonably priced. Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. is run by people who love what they do. Looking forward to working with you.

Many of you might know me from the many years of running the Design Imaging Group's Pool Division selling DesignWare for Pools and Splash. I went to lots of landscape and pool shows. My partner is the original programmer and designer of Image Wizard which was before DesignWare and before Design Imaging Group. “We are excited to take our new program "GreenScapes" to new levels.”

We look forward working with you. DesignWare was a great program, GreenScapes is even better and allows you to create out door living rooms.

Michele Donnelly
Landscape Design Imaging Software
Palm City, FL.
Phone: 772-647-8147

A Special Thank you to Jim Vazzana one of the best landscape designers on Long Island, friend, silent partner, your before and after images, your support, your pushing and advise. Stay healthy and enjoy life my friend.

Landscape Design Software Testimonials.
"Closed more landscape jobs in the last three weeks than I did last summer with GreenScapes. Unbelievable."

Landscape Design Software Night Lighting.

Landscape Design Software Testimonials.
"It's true! A picture is really worth a thousand words. If people can see it- they want it."
GreenScapes solves the problem for landscape contractors of "I just can't picture it!"

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Landscape Design Software Testimonials.

The main ‘Guts’ of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy.  The ‘GreenScapes’ software makes things simple, fast and fun.