DesignWare from Design Imaging Group.Design Imaging Group Leading Landscape Design Software Company Retired DesignWare Aug 5, 2013 Read PRLOG.

Design Imaging Group was a pioneer and a nationally recognized leader in the landscape design imaging software industry. They worked for years with landscape designers, pool contractors, and home builders to produce DesignWare.  The last version DesignWare 3.3 for the professional landscape and DesignWare for pools 4 was used by schools, manufacturers of building products, and state associations. DesignWare was customized for the California Landscape Contractors Association called Better Than A Thousand Words.  After a long run, Design Imaging Group has retired.

Users of DesignWare can use GreenScapes as a replacement, without having to learn a new program! What’s the difference you ask? 

GreenScapes has the ability to import custom libraries created in DesignWare.
We updated the tools and libraries in GreenScapes, keeping the DesignWare concept the same.
We added a “Send JPG E-mail” feature that was not available in DesignWare.
Higher resolution objects like plants!
32 different interlocking Paving Libraries sort able by product, manufacturer, pattern, or color.
7,000 textures, in total the secondary library is where you will find grass, mulch, decorative concrete, cultured stone, stone veneer, exposed aggregate, roofing, siding, water, and more.
“Stamp It” tool: you can now stamp the interlocking pavers with the name of the product.
Registration for GreenScapes is done online.
Easy to learn training Videos

DesignWare Testimonials on how GreenScapes works.

Please Note: Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. is looking forward to transitioning you from DesignWare to GreenScapes, but please understand we do not have the capability of registering or unlocking the old DesignWare programs for you.  Design Imaging Group is retired and the unlock system is no longer functional. 

Thank you,

Greenscapes can replace your DesignWare program.Michele Donnelly
Landscape Design Imaging Software
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Landscape Design Software GreenScapes is the most realistic landscape imaging software on the market today. Landscaper, Paving Contractor, Decorative Concrete Contractor, Hardscape Contractor or Lighting Contractor can use GreenScapes Landscape Design Software. Landscape Design Testimonials.

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Landscape Design Software Testimonials.

I have to tell you I have been using an imaging program (former program DesignWare) for at least 15 years. I can't say enough great things about the GreenScapes program.
Denis R. PA
Lawn and Landscape Contractor

Landscape Design Software Testimonials.

It wasn't a difficult transition at all from the old version of DesignWare from Design Imaging Group to GreenScapes landscape design software. Some things were different but I adapted rather quickly.
Jim Goode, G & G Landscape Nursery Utica, KY

Landscape Design Software Testimonials.

I have installed GreenScapes and everything is operating successfully. The software is much more beautiful than the old DesignWare that I use for about 20 years.
Yours Sincerely,
Alfredo from Italy.